Nailed It with Sally Hansen in White On

It took forever, but I finally grabbed white nail polish inspired by my The New Black post.  I opted for Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in “White On,” and I love how bold it looks on short nails.  Admittedly, there are challenges with white nail polish in general, like its tendency to streak on application and be extremely thick.  I still love the overall effect, but I recommend getting your polish applied professionally (especially if you don’t have the steadiest hand, like me.)

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “White On”; Target, $2.04

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4 thoughts on “Nailed It with Sally Hansen in White On

  1. I bought this polish last night and my manicure looks spectacular. I’m currently wearing copper-metallic pedicure (Sinful Colors)so I can’t try the white-on until I do my nails on Sunday but your pedicure looks marvelous.

    • Thanks Marly! My pedicure is just now starting to die off, so it keeps well (can’t say as much for my mani, though!)

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